Healthy living starts at home!

Culinary & Coaching Services

Specialties: mindful meals & movement


Healthy Meal Prep & Planning

Whether your goal is to lose weight, regain energy, improve your health, or simply save time and money, Eat Well 2 Live Well will craft a weekly meal package just for you. Best of all, it’s prepared in your home and customized to fit your preferences, palate and budget.


FREE ASSESSMENT: Contact Chef Melissa for a FREE in-depth consultation covering everything from your current dinner rotation and kitchen setup to your goals, challenges, favorite flavors and any allergies. Together, you’ll build the perfect weekly meal package based on the dishes, frequency and quantities that work best for you.

INGREDIENTS & SUPPLIES: Following that, Melissa will draft menu options for your approval, including a list of required ingredients and recommended storage containers. You can either supply these items yourself (hooray for Whole Foods delivery!) or for a fee, Melissa will shop for you.

PREP & COOKING DAY: Melissa will spend a day in your kitchen, drawing upon her extensive collection of proven recipes and decades of cooking experience to create nutritious meals that taste almost too good to be good for you. You’ll come home to a spotless kitchen, a home-cooked, healthy dinner on the table and a fridge or freezer filled with prepared entrees and sides that are a snap to reheat and enjoy.

SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS? No problem! Chef Melissa specializes in creating thoughtful meal plans that cater to a variety of goals, allergies and preferences, including: Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Balanced Nutrition, Improved Digestion, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Low-Fat, Low-Carb, Mediterranean, Paleo, Whole 30.

LEARN AS YOU GO. Since Melissa promotes sustainable, natural whole foods and life-long health, she can help you learn how to cook for yourself. Inquire about her hands-on cooking lessons, available for both individuals and groups.

Red Lentil with Lemon & Cayenne Soup

Red Lentil with Lemon & Cayenne Soup

Poached Salmon with Cucumber Dill Sauce and Asparagus

Poached Salmon with Cucumber Dill Sauce and Asparagus

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Certified Yoga Instruction

A life-long yoga practicioner, Melissa found it so rewarding, she decided to pursue certification as an instructor in 2002, training at the School of Complete Yoga in Chester, NJ. Her natural talent for coaching was so apparent, the school asked her to join their teaching team even before she completed the course.

Since then, Melissa has taught classes and provided private, one-on-one yoga instruction, helping countless students achieve better health, flexibility, strength and range of motion, as well as mental focus and clarity. Some of her students have even succeeded in reducing their number of medications as they gain better health through yoga.

Melissa has seen first hand just how much mindful movement can benefit health…as well as how difficult it can be to prioritize in today’s busy world. That’s why she chose to include in-home yoga coaching as a core part of Eat Well 2 Live Well.


FREE ASSESSMENT: Contact Coach Melissa for a FREE in-depth consultation, to establish your baseline and discuss your health goals. From there, Melissa will research and design a class customized to your specifications.

IN-HOME INSTRUCTION: Melissa will come to your home to guide you through the class, providing private, one-on-one guidance until you feel comfortable with the plan and poses. Following that, you can book in-home sessions of varying lengths and frequency, depending on your preference.