Healthy living starts at home!

Meet Melissa Luperi

Personal Chef & Certified Yoga Instructor


Melissa’s Recipe for Wellness

Melissa Luperi knows the way to good health doesn’t include hacks, fads or “one weird trick.” Instead, it’s a simple combination of wholesome foods, reasonable portions and regular exercise. The only “trick” is finding a way to fit that into days that are already chock full of busy schedules and hard choices.

That’s why Melissa launched Eat Well 2 Live Well — an in-home food and fitness service that brings healthier living right to you. Because Melissa believes good health starts at home, and Healthy Eating + Healthy Exercise = Healthy You.

Let Melissa help you become a healthier you today!


Rooted in Good Health

Melissa grew up in Rosemont, PA, thriving on the bounty of her family’s organic vegetable garden. Each year, the backyard garden grew bigger and bigger, with everyone pitching in to tend it. And though weeding started out as a chore, Melissa soon learned to love the task — and the easy access to fresh-picked garden snacks she enjoyed while working. (Snowpeas were her favorites.)

Homegrown, pesticide-free produce wasn’t the only thing Melissa’s family cultivated. A passion for cooking fresh, wholesome, delicious foods has been passed down through the generations, as well. Melissa’s grandmother learned the secrets of Italian cuisine from her immigrant parents. And her grandfather launched a thriving fruit and vegetable distribution center that occupied half a city block in York, PA. Her grandparents and extended family members later combined their talents, founding an area restaurant famous for its fresh, wholesome fare and a celebrated dance hall.

Melissa’s mother was also a woman ahead of her time. Not only did she sprout tender microgreens in her basement long before they ever appeared on a fancy menu, she also enrolled Melissa in yoga classes from an early age, inspiring her lifelong love of mindful movement and meditation. And though the homemade lunches she prepared drew some odd looks from Melissa’s school friends she gave Melissa a strong foundation in classic, wholesome foods and how to prepare them.

From her Nonny’s legendary foccacia, to her mother’s soups, simmered with ingredients fresh from the garden, Melissa’s culinary history has taught her that good food is the key to good health…and that’s a lesson she can’t wait to share with you.